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The best ideas can change who we are. Ad 1N is where these ideas take shape, take off and spark powerful conversations. An open platform where 11 players come to find insightful and dynamic thinking Reklam 1N. Here he uncovers both expert and unexplored work and new ideas.

Strategic planning, Strategic Plan Preparation  describes the way between the point where the organization is and the situation it wants to reach.​ ​

It requires the organization to identify its goals, objectives and methods by which it will be possible to achieve them. It carries a long-term and future-oriented perspective. It guides the preparation of the organization's budget in a way that expresses the goals and objectives set forth in the strategic plan, the allocation of resources based on priorities and accountability.​

As 1N_Digital_Media, we would like to share our expertise and experience we have gained with all kinds of solutions in the internet and informatics sector with you, and thank you for the trust you have shown in our company.​

We would like to give you more detailed information.

What Does 1N Do For You?​

We plan results, focus on results, not inputs;
We plan for change. We strive to ensure that the change can be in the desired direction and we support the change,
We are dynamic and we guide the future. We realistically ensure that it is regularly reviewed and adapted to changing conditions,
We picture a desirable and achievable future,
We make quality management the greatest tool,
In a disciplined and systematic way, we enable an organization to evaluate, shape and produce key decisions and actions that guide how it defines itself, what it does and why it does what it does.
We lay the foundation for Transparency and Accountability from management to the lowest personnel,
We form the basis for monitoring, evaluating and auditing how and to what extent the targeted results are achieved,
We create a participatory management.
As 1N; We communicate measurably and effectively with your customers with our original and creative content suitable for your brand, we follow and moderate the largest online communities.

1N Reklam Ajansı Kreatif Tasarım


Where are we?
Where are we going?
How do we reach the goal?
How do we go on and evaluate our success?


These days things don't just have to look good, they need to be fast and intuitive.

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